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Geez Louise, Its been forever!

 Things are great. Spent New Years Eve with my buddy Joe in New York City, where we behaved very badly and had a great time and met a lot of really cool people.  TOdd Oldham smiled and said Hi to me ( he was a crush of mine when I was 16, so that was super cool)
 Other then that, things are great, I'm seeing someone, we've been seeing each other for about 2 months, now. its nice, despite the fact that I'm a huge commitment-aphobe. It seems like everyone on this planet wants someone but me.
 Things with my band are going ahead smoothly , for the most part, we hope to have a demo cd by this summer. 
 And I thank God everyday for ROLAID chewables. They are a lifesaver.

Hello friend

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Naive, is not a word I would use to descibe myself. But  today, I feel really sad, really dissapointed in people and I hate that feeling. I generally believe that all people are good inately.  And I guess I'm very trusting, I mean all my friends know my PIN nuimber and I rarely ask for money back that I lend, I know it'll come back when I need it.

 But today, a co worker ripped me off of money, again, for the 3rd time and I just can't understand how someone would do that, and be okay with it.

 So, I'm just feeling ripped off, sad and dissapointed in people, AND I hate that feeling.

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I haven't written in forever.

 Maybe its the weather

But dam, I'm in such a melancholy mood.

Hopefully its seasonal.

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After a bit of absence I've deicided to come back to Live Journal Land, I've missed documenting things I've done only to look back at them and laugh and most importanly I've missed my LJ buddies.

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Hello friend

Alas, I believe this will be my last entry.

Well, its been fun and I've met a lot of fun people, but I think I'm over this live journal thing. 
 I however do have a flicr acoount which I update frequently and add to.  SO, if you have a flickR site, add me, and we'll all keep in touch that way.

Good night and Thank you!